Friday, 17 February 2012

Training Walk #3 17.02.12

Wow - made good time today.  Had changed the route for today to include a bit more road walking (it was a bit wet, the fields a bit muddy, and I still need to get a new pair of boots as my old ones are coming apart) and that helped to make it quicker.  Road walking is good practise too, as there are a couple of sections of the Coast to Coast with quite a bit of road walking in.  It is tougher on your feet too, as the road is not as bouncy as a nice unpaved footpath!

The weather started out with plenty of that 'fine rain, that soaks you through', but that soon stopped.  Walked round Cropston Reservoir, up through Bradgate Park, through Swithland Wood and up towards Woodhouse, then cut across country to Swithland Reservoir, round and back past Rothley GCR Station and home.

I pushed hard and the pace paid off - I managed to average a mile in just over 22 minutes.  You can check out the route on Runkeeper here at  Training Walk # 3 17.02.12

Looking back towards Woodhouse as I cut across country
Crossing the Great Central Railway - no trains today tho!
Swithland Reservoir was lovely - had no idea you could drive all the way round it!
Back through Rothley - on home straight!

The more I get out walking round here the more I think how lucky I am to have such great walking on my doorstep. It's coming in handy now though as the training for my Coast to Coast challenge really starts to kick in. Next training walk in 2 weeks time. Better plan the route . . .

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Planning ahead

Been doing some more planning ahead:

  • Planned my next training walk for Friday 17th February.  Ten and a half miles up to Swithland Reservoir, across towards Woodhouse, down through Swithland Woods, across Bradgate Park, round Cropston Reservoir and home. Last time I did just short of eight miles in 3 hours exactly, so I'm aiming for around 4 1/2 hours, with a reasonable pace.

  • Booked most of the accommodation for the trip.  It has amazed me how many places will take a booking but do not want any payment until you arrive.  Perhaps it's a northern thing?  Anyway, only got a couple of stops left to book for.  It feels like it's all starting to come together.

  • Need some new boots.  Found a hole in my current pair the other day after my last training walk.  They are quite old now though and have seen me through several walks, so it's about time I suppose.

Anyway, keep checking back and see how I'm doing.  I'll post again after my training walk on Friday and I'll include some pics.  Thanks again to everyone supporting me.