Sunday, 29 January 2012

Training Walk 29.01.2012

Completed second training walk today and got a bit wet.  Great walk though, and even though at times I was asking myself why am I doing this, I would turn a corner past a copse of trees and look out over fields laid out before me, and think 'Outdoors is beautiful'.  I know that doesn't really convey the magnificence of some of those moments you have when walking, but it turned out to be a damp but worthwhile day.  Here's some pics:

 Looking out towards the misty hills at Bradgate Park from Cropston.  The picture doesn't do the view justice!

Yes, there actually was an ice cream van in the car park at Bradgate Park!!

Walked past Old John and the memorial - the mist silhouetted these beautifully against the skyline.

Didn't quite walk as far as I wanted but I had to change my route as the fields north of Swithland were like the Somme! Did just shy of 8 miles in exactly 3 hours.  Check out the route on Runkeeper here:

Training Walk 29.01.2012

Keep checking back for more updates, and finally, thanks to everyone who has recently donated to the website.

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