Friday, 8 June 2012

Training Walk 08.06.12

I was expecting today's walk to be a tough one.  Heavy rain was forecast all afternoon and it was going to be the longest walk I've done so far.  As it turned out the heavy rain did not appear, although it did rain on and off all day.

I walked fast, trying to get a good pace going, and as most of it was on tarmac paths I was able to keep the pace up.  I made my fastest time over a mile yet, but it is clear that walking on hard tarmac paths and roads hurts my feet more!

The Church at Normanton

About to cross the dam - it was so windy.
Think the workmen were getting a bit fed up!

Lunch Stop!
The view across the meadow to Egleton
The reservoir is SURROUNDED by sheep
Spotted a helicopter today, but couldn't make out what sort it was.

You may notice there is a picture of Animal from the Muppets above.  He is now my mascot, and will come with me on every walk I do.  I'm going to try to take a picture of him somewhere on each walk. Today I stopped for lunch in a hide at the Anglian Water Birdwatching Centre and Animal sat with me.  After lunch, a woman who was birdwatching in the hide offered me her binoculars and showed me how to spot a Goldfinch. 

One thing I found annoying was the signposts dotted along the path around the reservoir - I think that most of them were wrong!  Along the north shore I passed a signpost that said 'Egleton 3 miles', walked for at least another mile or two and then saw another sign which said 'Egleton 3 miles'!  

Check out the route here

Training Walk 08.06.12

I listened to Radio 4 for most of the walk, until my battery ran out!  The ukulele song played when I got home was 'Everything's Not Lost' by Coldplay. 

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