Sunday, 11 March 2012

Training Walk 11.03.12

What a beautiful day for a walk out.  Did just shy of 10 miles today, heading out of Cropston towards Bradgate Park, but striking out north through Swithland Woods, walking along the roads to Woodhouse Eaves, cutting back south west across Lingdale Golf Course, and back into Bradgate Park.  Over the top by Old John, past the Abbey ruins, and then  back to Cropston round the south side of the reservoir.  Pics below:

Cropston Reservoir looked amazing in the morning light

Just past Swithland, invisible from the road, is a hidden tower and ruin by a small lake.  Didn't expect that!
Entered Bradgate Park from Hunts Hill side, but no time to stop and dawdle - I'm making good time

Having stopped by Old John for a quick early lunch, this is the view from the other side.

The views from up by Old John are amazing, and as usual, the pic doesn't do it justice.

Those houses in the distance are Cropston.

Had a lovely chat with one of the very 'well-to-do' ladies on the golf course who, mid-round stopped and asked me where I was headed.  Found a couple of old golf balls in the rough just off the footpath on the edge of the golf course which I took home as a present for Lachlan.  "Wow Daddy, these are the best golf balls ever, and I can hit them with my golf stick!".

Great tunes on the MP3 player today included 'Never Buy The Sun' and 'Accident Waiting to Happen' by Billy Bragg, and 'And She Was' by Talking Heads.

Made fantastic time today and had loads of fun and managed to complete the route in exactly 3.5 hours.  Check out the route here:

Training Walk 11.03.12

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  1. Brenda Brown12/03/2012, 11:26

    Well done to you - the views were amazing - you look very well. I am not a great Facebook user but pop in now and then.