Friday, 6 April 2012

Training Walk # 6 06.04.12

Wow!  Completed my own Three Peaks Challenge Leicestershire style!

The three highest points in Leicestershire - The War Memorial in Bradgate Park, Beacon Hill and Bardon Hill all bagged and over 16 miles walked.  What a big day!

Was begging the rain to hold off all day and it did.  Started at Bradgate Park Newtown Linford entrance, and walked up to Woodhouse Eaves, across Broombriggs Farm, Beacon Hill, under the M1, through Charley Valley to Bardon Hill, over to Markfield, and back to Newtown Linford.

Took some pics: -

View from the top of Beacon Hill - the shadow is the trig point

The 'Old Man of the Beacon' - see the face?
Had to cross the field full of cows - they were giving me evils!
Phew! Made it!
Came across the skeleton of a sheep - the farmer told me it had been killed by another animal . . . Could the Leicestershire Big Cat have struck again?  Don't worry - I reported it immediately to!
Nice arty shot of a pylon near Markfield
Crossing the M1 - practising for crossing the M6 on the Coast to Coast

Check out today's route here:

Training Walk 06.04.12

Feet started hurting at about 10 miles but pushed on through.  I was thinking that it was amazing how, when you think you haven't got any more inside you, you can keep going when you have to.  It also made me think again about the reason why I'm putting myself through this - our babies.  It's coming up to the anniversary and even though life goes on I always think of the babies we lost, particularly at this time of year.

Doing these longer distances is really paying off as it's giving me a really good idea of how I'm going to feel when I do the walk for real.

MP3s that kept me going included 'Clocks' by Coldplay, various tracks by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and 'Interesting Drug' by Morrissey.

When I do the walk in August I will be taking my Ukulele with me, so if anyone would like to sponsor me per song, I'm putting a playlist for the walk together as we speak.  I'll publish the list on here as soon as it is finished.  Tune played on Ukulele today when I got home - 'Happiness Pie'.


  1. Well done Gary, you'll be able to skip across the 200 miles now. Keep up the good work mate.

    1. Thanks very much Rich. Enjoying keeping up with your blog too. My plans are coming on now with most of my accommodation booked and route planned out. And thanks for your maps - they've been invaluable.