Friday, 17 August 2012

Day 11, 16th August 2012

Started walking today at 8.30am, Day started well as I bumped into fellow walker Stuart as I set off from the Blue Bell Inn in Ingleby Cross. The day began by going up a steep track which took us to the top of the moor and onwards. This was just a taste of things to come as Stuart and I spent most of the day going steeply up hills and then down again!
Steep up through Arncliffe Woods this morning.

A stone in the path, purpose unknown. Just need to find stone B now!
The weather today was windy and humid - rain was expected, but none came. Bonus! For most of the day our walk followed the Cleveland Way which was well signposted. Walking along well laid out and well signposted paths  meant we were able to cover 12 miles fairly quickly.

The view from the top above Arncliffe Woods

The North York Moors are the best walking I've experienced so far. Lovely views across the Cleveland hills of lovely countryside.
Looking east across the Cleveland Hills to Kirby Bank

Finished walking at 2pm, arriving at Clay Bank Top. Knees were hurting due to all the walking downhill today, but plenty of time to rest before tomorrow. Walked 12 miles, pleased with the progress today. Have decided to extend the walk tomorrow as the plan originally had been to do 9 miles but I reckon I can push on a bit more and then shorten the route on Saturday.
Stuart and Gary 400 metres up on top of Kirby Bank. (That's 1,312 feet in old money!)

Meanwhile Gary's Dad, Alan went to find a launderette today to attend to his duties. He asked a lady in Stokesley where the nearest one was. She asked him where he was from. "Nottingham" he replied. "Well" she said  "Up here we have washing machines at home you know!!." Brilliant. Happy to report laundrette eventually located some miles away and all smalls washed!

Ukulele song of the day "Day Tripper"

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