Saturday, 11 August 2012

Day 6

Gary started his sixth day at 08.15am with a spring in his step. Although he had 20 miles to cover today, (the furthest distance he will cover in a single day),  he was expecting the going to be much easier than yesterday. The conditions were also more favourable than yesterday. It was sunny but not as warm as yesterday. The route was fairly exposed over lots of moorland and open farm land. Thankfully there was a gentle freeze all day which was initially gratefully received by this walker!
Scandal Beck Bridge
In fact the walking did prove easier today. For the first 14 miles Gary walked with his fellow Coast 2 Coaster, Stuart from Newcastle, (see yesterdays blog entry),  who technically isn't, Gary discovered, Stuart from Newcastle but rather Stuart from Corbridge, ( a mere technicality!)
Smardale Gill viaduct in the distance
We've received lots of positive comments about the photos on the blog. All the photos have been taken by Gary on his camera phone, and  he's taken some real crackers! Today saw Gary cross the M6 motorway, which according to Wikipedia is the "longest motorway in the United Kingdom and one of the busiest". It's also referred to as the Backbone of Britain due to it's central position, so it was a good psychological marker to get across.
Taken from the footbridge across the M6 looking north. Never seen it so quiet!
At some point today Gary passed Scar Side Farm which had a chalkboard sign outside the farm house stating, "Last stop for refreshments before Kirby Stephen". Gary stopped for a welcome break and had a glass of lemonade and a piece of homemade cappuccino cake, (farmers size portions!). Nice. Gary enjoyed his stop sitting in a marquee in the garden whilst the farmers kids played on a trampoline.
Looking east...the Pennines are getting closer.
Wainwright states in his guide book that the benefit of walking Coast to Coast from west to east, (as Gary is), is that the prevailing wind is behind you all the way. It wasn't today! It was in Gary's face, (shall we just blame global warming?!). An unexpected obstacle today was a herd of cows heading for milking which greeted Gary about a mile out of Kirby Stephen. He gingerly picked his way through avoiding their rear ends at all costs! Gary likened it to a game of Frogger, it slowed his pace right down!!
Having started the day all jolly, jolly thinking,"This is good fun", Gary literally hobbled into Kirby Stephen at 5.30pm.

This evening consisted of feet up & rest up, ready for the 14 mile walk tomorrow will bring. Gary & his Dad are back under canvas tonight.
Ukulele song for tonight "Everybody Hurts" by REM. 'Nuff said.
Thanks to everyone for all your messages of support. Please keep them coming. They are all very gratefully received by Gary :-)

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  1. Hi Gary. I enjoyed reading your blog. I've got a few questions and was wondering what the best way to contact you would be?