Friday, 17 August 2012

Day 12. A Day of Two Halves!

Started walking at 8am this morning. Decided to extend today to make tomorrow shorter. Walked up steep climb first thing up onto Clay Bank Top. Grey clouds were gathering as I walked east. The track was clear, level and wide and it was fast walking. Good job as at about 9.30 the clouds rolled in and stayed with me all morning.
Not sheep, not cows but Grouse today

The wind picked up and was blowing fast and the rain was horizontal. I walked fast to get to the Lion Inn, 9 miles away. I got soaked to the skin, even the inside of my boots were wet! The cloud was down and I could not navigate except to follow the path. I squelched into the Lion inn car park at 11.30 to find Dad in his car and we went inside to regroup.

We both agreed that it would be almost impossible to camp at the Lion Inn in those conditions so we agreed to find a B&B to stay in. We struggled for a while as it's Friday,  but eventually found one. After changing clothes I set off again at 1.30pm to finish the last few miles which I did at 3.45pm, hence a day of two halves! 14 miles walked in total today.
A long trek across the moors today
The view down Great Fryup Dale
Fat Betty

According to the interweb "Fat Betty ( sometimes referred to as White Cross ) stands just north of, and is easily accessible from the road that leads from Blakey Rigg to Rosedale Abbey, at the junction of the Danby, Westerdale and Rosedale parishes. The head of the cross is an ancient wheelhead painted white, set into a large stone base. It could possibly be Norman and is only one of two known wheelheads on the North York Moors. It perhaps takes its name from a cistercian nun, Sister Elizabeth from the Priory at Rosedale  These nuns wore gowns of undyed wool and were     referred to as ' White Ladies'. Another tale is that a local farmer's wife, Fat Betty, fell from their horse and cart on  a dark, foggy night. When he arrived home and noticed she was missing from the back of the cart he retraced his route across the moor  and all he could find was the large, squat stone". I wonder?!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Gary highly recommends vaseline for chaffing! He also reports to have 2 little toes that are "the size of golf balls", due to blisters. Apparently, Compeed stick is like vaseline for blisters, (Thanks Jackie!)

Gary's hoping that the weather will be a bit better tomorrow -  for his 14.5 mile walk to Littlebeck.
Ukulele song of the day is appropriately enough, "Button Up Your Overcoat"


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