Monday, 13 August 2012

Day 8

Day 8 - the start of the home straight!. After a night under canvas and his now customary bowl of porridge,  Gary began walking slightly later this morning at 8.45am. Day 8 saw Gary follow the River Swale on route to Reeth 12 miles away.
Keld Park House Campsite
A misty Keld Valley at dawn
Today was a shorter day which provided a choice of route, high or low. Gary took the low option and stuck to the valley. When the sun came out it was beautiful. The River Swale that Gary's following has been getting wider all day.

The paths were all good but the main difficulty today were the stiles which are very narrow gaps in the wall wide enough for a leg to squeeze through but not wide enough for a sheep to get thru. "A challenge for a man of my girth" said Gary.
The Yorkshire Dales are lovely. And in Gary's opinion are nicer than The Lakes. The landscape is more rolling and rural, less mountainous and wild. Proper James Herriot country!
A long forgotten tractor

Gary made on brief stop today at Ghyll Foot tea room in Gunnerside, where they serve tea in pints. Yes, you read that correctly, pints! Gary decided he wasn't quite that thirsty.
Gary had a good, steady 12 mile walk today arriving in Reeth at 2.15pm
A waterfall near Keld
Another waterfall near Keld!

Last nights ukulele tune "Happiness Pie", in honour of the Steak & Ale pie Gary enjoyed at the pub last night!
Tonight's watering hole was The Black Bull at Reeth where a pint of Old Peculiar was the tipple of the day. Gary received a donation from Ian the Bar Man there! Many thanks. This together with a second donation from our sons godmother, (in honour of Gary making it half way), sees the Total Donation so far stand at £1,222!!! HAPPY DAYS. Huge thanks to everyone of those who've donated. Your support means so much to us both x x
Special message from Lachlan to Daddy "Only 5 more sleeps Daddy. I love you x x x x x x"


  1. Love the photographs, thinking of you Carole & bruce

  2. Countdown now on......finishing line nearly in sight! Only five more sleeps to go!
    Love Jackie, Arthur, Ian, Becky, AJ and Isabella xxxxx