Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Day 3

"The hardest day so far" Gary set off from Rosthwaite at 8.15am heading for Grasmere, 9 miles in total. Although this was the shortest day in terms of miles it certainly proved to be no walk in the park!

Looking up to Lining Crag

Steep climb out of Borrowdale up Greenup Gill and behind Eagle Crag picking his way over some bogs and then a near vertical rock climb to Lining Crag. Once at the top of Lining Crag more bogs were waiting. Fortunately for him Gary met up with two other coast to coasters, Liz and Roger from Surrey and they were able to cross the bogs together, helping each other out with navigation. Much back tracking and muddy boots later the path down to Grasmere was finally located!
Climbing up rocks to Lining Crag

Looking west from Buttermere to Brandreth

The best thing about reaching the top after a very steep climb, (apart from the views), was that it was all downhill from here to Grasmere!

At this point Gary stopped for a lunch break whilst Liz & Roger steamed on as they were heading for Patterdale - 17 miles in total, Madness!, (in Gary's opinion). The path down to Grasmere was very boggy and at times disappeared. Gary headed on towards Grasmere picking his way across boulders and streams.

Looking west down towards Grasmere....

Today was really hot & sunny, plenty of slip, slap slop required. The terrain made it very tough going. Gary arrived at Grasmere at 2.30pm. Gary's hoping it's a bit flatter once out of the Lake District, which will be the day after tomorrow. Regular readers of the blog will know that Gary is a keen ukulele player and is a member of The N'Ukes, Leicesters Premier ukulele band. Gary's fellow band members have promised him sponsorship, but only if he plays his ukulele at every stop. Gary likes nothing better than a tinkle on his ukulele so is happy to oblige!! The last two evenings have seen play "Big rock candy mountain" and "Dream a little dream of me" Tonight's tune is "Hot Tamales". Gary offers his sincere apologies to his fellow campers!

Gary's quote of the day "Such a steep climb". Shortest day tomorrow, Gary tells me he may even wear his shorts!


  1. Hi Gary. Just wanted to say what an amazing thing you are doing. I keep up with the blog and am truly impressed with the task you are undertaking!! Good luck with the rest of the walk! Keep smiling and playing your ukulele.
    Thinking of you xxx
    Emma w

  2. Great part of the walk and bringing back some special memories - keep going, Gary!

  3. Grassmere, Buttermere - one of my favorite places in the whole world. Enjoy and good luck. I hope the weather is being kind to you!!! I know the Lakes has it's own 'micro climate' usually of the WET variety!

  4. Go Team G-Mac!

  5. Ruddy good stuff mate! I dont know how you can do that amount of walking day after day. I just did a 16 miler in Peaks yesterday and couldnt imagine doing same distance for many days running!

    Some cracking pics on the blog Gary, wish I could have been on some of the days with you, would have brought me guitar :)

    Dave off