Saturday, 4 August 2012

Nearly there . . . 41 hours to go!

It's all packed up and waiting for my dad to come over and load it into his car so we can set off for St Bees.  You can't move in our hallway mind, for crates of camping gear, rucksacks and pots of porridge mix!

Got a lovely email from the National Director for the Miscarriage Association:-

Hi Gary
Here’s wishing all the very best for your epic walk. Team Gary has already made huge strides on the fundraising front, so now it’s on to the tough stuff.  I bet you’re so fit that the hardest climbs will be child’s play, but I suspect that even if there are times when you’re aching and exhausted, you’ll think about why you’re doing this walk and plough right on.
Here’s to you!!
Ruth and all at the M.A.

Thanks Ruth and all of your colleagues at M.A.  I don't know about the bit where it says I'm very fit.  Commited - yes.  Enthusiastic - yes. Prepared - yes.   A bit tapped - probably!  But Ruth is right, and it's been the same on my training walks.  Even when I've felt I can't walk anymore, I think about our two babies and somehow find a bit more energy to carry on.

I'm as ready as I'll ever be, just keep checking the blog for updates and wish me luck!

See you in Robin Hoods Bay!

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