Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Day 9

Started walking the 16 mile route from Reeth to Bromptom-on-Swale today at 7.45am. The weather was cloudy at first but very hot, then later sunny and humid = sweaty walking.
Much better signage in Yorkshire!
Lots of good level walking today with some steep ups but not too bad. Climbed the Nun's Steps to Marrick village from old Marrick Priory. The 375 steps were built by the Nuns to 'join up' the village and Priory. Decided not to stop at Elaine's Country Kitchen for a brew as it was too early and I wanted to crack on!
The Nuns steps
Much walking with clear paths across fields and farmland ensued with only one man vs cow incident. Man won by giving the beast a wide berth. Lots of actual Coast to Coast signs now.  Continued to follow the course of the River Swale as it gets wider and wider each time I see it. Passed through historic Richmond and out into the Vale of Mowbray finally stopping at Brompton on Swale.

Footbridge, (This one's specially for you Charlotte!)

Blister count today is 2. Alan got more supplies of Compeeds as I'm getting through them fast. They are a complete godsend and really work. Trying to look after my feet so they look after me!

Narrow stiles, the gates are like Arkwright's till!
 Last night's ukulele tune was from Toy Story "You've Got a Friend in Me", especially for Lachlan x
Tonight I shall be strumming my instrument to "What a day for a daydream" as it was so hot and sunny and the walking was quite flat (ish). Plenty of time for daydreams today... 
Finished walking today at 2.45pm. Plenty of time for feet up & a good rest. Lovely.
Tomorrow's a long one, 19 miles.
Just in case you're not sure!

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